Bynari’s decade old focus on improving email & collaboration has resulted in the most advanced messaging platform and the only MAPI Outlook® connector in the world that recreates a genuine MS Exchange®/Outlook® experience.

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  • Save with “BCS Trade-up-Server Program”: Simply migrate to Bynari’s Next-Generation Email and Collaboration Suite and get a 25% discount when you trade in your old proprietary/branded server: Zimbra, Zarafa, IceWarp, Open-Xchange, Scalix, Atmail & CommuniGate.

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Product News:
  • Bynari BCS now with CalDAV support.
  • MS Office 2013: WebDAV Collaborator and AddressBook are compatible with Office 2013.
  • IntelliSuite for Kolab 2.3.4 is now available on premise or in the cloud! IntelliSuite is composed of IntelliMail, the groupware Web2.0 Ajax client & IntelliPanel, the Admin interface. They can also be purchased separately. View Demo
  • Bynari Outlook Connector now supports: Out of Office, Mail Forwarding, Terminal Services, Reminder Manager!

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Experience Bynari’s advanced collaboration and groupware technology with impressive scalability and ease of use, powered by IntelliSuite.

Bynari offers an array of products to facilitate messaging and collaboration across the globe. From our robust, highly scalable collaboration suite “BCS” to our unique connector technology that provides a complete suite of features and functions to share Outlook clients (2003-2010) with open source Linux IMAP or LDAP Servers. Bynari’s products allow sharing of groupware features with Outlook and any email clients that support iCalendar and vCard. Bynari also provides middleware products that enable other software applications to share calendars, contacts, tasks, and seamlessly integrate email with the Outlook client.


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