Bynari is a Linux pioneer that has accumulated an unmatched expertise in email and messaging software since 1999.  In addition to developing state of the art, carrier grade complete collaboration suites, Bynari also develops many stand-alone products used by OEMs and Service Providers to enable Exchange-like groupware sharing in Outlook with IMAP servers. These tools allow collaboration with a broad range of mail servers, web clients and email clients.

In addition to offering a complete collaboration suite, Bynari provides highly flexible and cost effective solutions for IMAP, CalDAV servers and email clients for native collaboration. 


More and more savvy Administrators at the enterprise or the service provider level are choosing Bynari’s collaboration suite “BCS” for all their email needs.


Bynari’s products are used all over the world under the Bynari brand or branded under an OEM’s own name. Our products can be purchased directly from Bynari or from a local member of our partner network.

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