Outlook Connector and AddressBook setup.ini Script

Bynari Outlook Connector/AddressBook setup.ini Script   To run Outlook Connector and LDAP AddressBook installer to automatically create profile and configure Outlook Connector and LDAP AddressBook. Note, for LDAP AddressBook, the profile need to exists to automatically configure the address book. The path to setup.ini must be specified so that the installer can open setup.ini. OutlookConnector-Installer.exe /y “[Full Path]\setup.ini” LDAPAddressBook-Installer.exe /y “[Full Path]\setup.ini” The setup.ini file is broken down into several

AddressBook Admin Guide

Bynari AddressBook 3.0 Administrator’s Guide Trademarks Bynari products are trademarks of Bynari, Inc. Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Outlook and Windows logos are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States, other countries, or both. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Technical Support When you purchase any of Bynari’s products, all the products except the WebDAV Collaborator include one year of free support and maintenance. To purchase additional

Bynari Collaboration Suite Admin Guide

Bynari IntelliPanel Administrator’s Guide © 2011 Bynari Table of Contents Copyright Getting Started System Requirements Overview Home Tab BCS Management Tab Logging In Manager Login User Login Manager Login Home Tab About License BCS Management General Settings Groupware Settings Domains Services Network Servers Calendar UCE Controls Network TCP Settings HTTP SMTP IMAP POP3 Sieve Spam/Filter Spam/Filter Settings Filters Banned Extensions Global Disclaimers Accounts Search Function Create Organization Create Organizational Unit

Bynari Collaboration Suite Installation Guide

Bynari Collaboration Suite Installation Guide © 2011 Bynari Overview The Bynari Collaboration Server (BCS) includes: Bynari IntelliPanelAn indispensable configuration tool for the Kolab groupware server.The Bynari IntelliPanel component of the Bynari Collaboration server adds to the power, reliable, and widely used Kolab groupware server a user-friendly, extremely intuitive interface for configuring and maintaining the server. The Kolab groupware server’s command line configuration options are still available to server administrators, while