BCS 7.4 Release Notes

  Bynari Collaboration Suite/Bynari ISuite 7.4 Release Notes and Installation Instructions —————————————————————————————- This release updates the server components with Kolab 2.3.4, and provides numerous new features and bugfixes to IntelliPanel and IntelliMail. Please read the installation and upgrade instructions carefully, particularly before upgrading your production server. They include very specific steps to ensure success and how to eliminate the conflict with the older BCS packages, that it was necessary to

Outlook Connector 4 Kolab Release Notes

Outlook Connector 4.2 Release Notes Kolab 3 Issues: Recurring monthly and yearly events is not compatible between Roundcube and Outlook. As Outlook follows accepted standards, we’ll continue to adhere by those same standards. Monthly: Only support the first month of the day for monthly in the XML document as is universally done by most calendars/events schedulers. Yearly: Only support the first month for yearly in the XML document as is

IceWarp Connector 4 Release Notes

SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS Please note that the Connector will check for the latest Outlook patches before it installs. If Outlook is out of date, the Connector will not continue with the installation until the latest patches are applied.  If you are using any anti-virus products with Outlook, like AVG Virus scanner, please turn off email scanning. IDLE Support: IMAP Idle currently only monitors new messages in the Inbox folder. Messages that

ExportPST Release Notes

ExportPST Admin 6.0 Release Notes SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS ExportPST is downloadable: http://www.bynari.net/external/download_now.html ExportPST is available for trial. It allows one pst file export for one day. If you need an extension, please contact sales@bynari.net. ExportPST can be used with three (3) data format types: Microsoft’s native format, iCalendar/vCard format, and Kolab format. FIXES Build 16106: Allow Outlook 2013 install. Build 15992: Added note about run KeyManager.exe in license registration box Build

BCS 7 Release Notes

Bynari Collaboration Suite 7.2 Release Notes —————————————————- This release of BCS contains an all-new WebClient, designed to be more flexible, stable and extendable. IntelliPanel has received a number of bugfixes as well. Please report bugs and requests for missing features to: bugs: support@bynari.net feature requests: sales@bynari.net What’s New? ————– * Your BCS installation may now be upgraded with the smaller bynari-isuite package, containing only the IntelliPanel and IntelliMail WebClient software.

AddressBook Release Notes

LDAP AddressBook 3.1.7 SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS Please be sure the latest Microsoft Windows and Office Service Packs have been applied before installing LDAP AddressBook 3.1.3. FIXES Build 16109: Added Outlook 2013 support Build 15992: Added note about run KeyManager.exe in license registration box Build 15968: Added text to license dialog about product does not need a license key for evaluating products. Build 15886: Fixed ‘auto setup’ not reading “RefreshCacheAtStartup” from the

WebDAV Collaborator Release Notes

WebDAV Collaborator 1.1.59 Release Notes FIXES Build 784: Fixed WebDAV Collaborator crashes Outlook Fixed calendar event with the incorrect recipient for meeting request that is shared to other users Fixed all items will be updated on new WebDAV Collaborator release (this release will update all items, but will not on the next release and future releases) Build 748: Reduce memory footprint when gathering Calendar, Contacts and Tasks from Outlook Fixed