MS Exchange®, Google Apps®

and BCS® Comparison

Exchange 20071 and 20101
Google Apps
Operating System – Platform
Maintenance – In-place upgrades
Updates without reboot
3 3
Virtualization Support
OS Type
Google Server
Processor Type
64 bit
64 bit
32/64 bit
User Features
Mobile Device Sync with Active Sync
Global Signatures
Forward mail inline or as attachments
Instant Messaging
Task Management
Contact Managment
Shared Address Books
Authentication Type
7 8
Web-based Administration
Free/Busy Support
Cross-browser compatible WebClient
11 11
Out of Office Notifications
12 13
WebClient Features
Mouse Drag-and-Drop
Mouse Right-Click
Arrange by (sort order)
Flagging Messages
15 16
Junk E-Mail
Explicit Login
Scheduling Assistant
File Sharing with WebDAV
Reminders and Notifications
21 21
Mail Compose Options
22 22
Spell Check
Calendar Options
23 23
Out of Office Assistant
Search Folders
Password Change within Webclient
Empty Deleted Items on logoff
Distribution List Support
Server-side Rules
Deleted Item Recovery
WebReady document viewing
Public Folders
SSL Support
Folder Sharing (any folder)
Custom Color Categories
Color coded Mail view by sender and domain
Reading Pane View (right, bottom, off)
Shared Calendar Viewing
Side-by-side Calendar Views
Search Contacts
Save Contact from email header
RSS Feeds
Microsoft Outlook
Compose, send, receive and forward email
Email formatting and spell check
Encrypting mail within the organization
Delegating mailbox access
Spam Control
Virus Control
Integrated centralized directory services
Read receipt
Voting buttons
Folders within folders
Search within folders
Custom Views (list view)
Share folders
Labels associated with multiple emails
Flag emails for follow-up
Maximum message size >= 50MB
Search message by read/unread status
Full desktop email client integration
Offline mode
Mark as read
Out of office assistant
Regional settings (select languages, dates and time zone)
Set storage restrictions on an individual mailbox
Conversation threads
Inbox preview
Productivity Tools
Task lists
Tasks lists integrate with email
Task lists integrate with calendars
Prioritize tasks
Sort tasks
Keyboard shortcuts
Recurring tasks
Task reminders
Search task lists
Assign tasks to contacts
Share task lists
Delegate task lists
Import task lists
Export task lists
Sync task lists
Share notes
Delegate control of notes
RSS integration
Public folders
Server-side rules and alerts
Programmable/Customizable through APIs
Single Sign-On
Calendar and Contacts
Scheduling Assistant: attendees, rooms and resources
Personal, shared and public calendars
Updates calendar and changes
RSVP to meetings
Contact list/address book
Contact list search
Scheduling with groups
Fully customizable contact list and display
Offline address book
Delegate control for contacts
Delegate control to calendar
Import/Export contacts
Distribution lists and groups
One-click holiday inclusion
Display multiple time-zones simultaneously in calendar
Add contact picture
Separate first and last name fields
Sync contacts & calendars with birthday/anniversary dates
Add a business card to contact list
Track all Outlook items related to a contact
Use with iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry
iPhone two-way sync of mail, calendar, notes and tasks
Android two-way sync of mail, calendar, notes and tasks
Windows Mobile two-way sync of mail, calendar, notes and tasks
Remote wipe supported for Mobile devices
Contact groups available on mobile device
Blackberry two-way sync of mail, calendar, contacts, notes and tasks
Blackberry support with universal connector without need for BES

  1. Assumed “Premium Accounts” for Comparison
  2. You can upgrade the software but cannot do a migration from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010 on the same server
  3. Windows almost always requires a reboot on upgrades, BCS/Linux almost NEVER requires a reboot – reduces downtime
  4. IntelliPanel let’s end-users select “which” secondary calendar, contacts, or tasks they want sync’d with ActiveSync
  5. BCS not only supports global signatures, but signatures by domain. This gives Service Providers and Admins greater flexibility
  6. Additional Cost, not native to the server
  7. Authentication Type supports Active Directory Only
  8. BCS connects to Active Directory, OpenLDAP or Samba LDAP directories for greater flexibility to a user’s existing structure
  9. IntelliPanel gives greater flexibility to administrators on the go through secure, web-based admin controls (full admin)
  10. Free/Busy can be viewed in either the Groupware WebClient or in Outlook with Outlook Connector installed
  11. Exchange 2007 only worked with IE. Exchange 2010 resolves this, but BCS has always had interoperability with all browsers
  12. Out of Office is set in Outlook/OWA on Exchange
  13. Out of Office is set in IntelliPanel on BCS and IntelliMail as well as in Outlook
  14. BCS only supports drag-and-drop on mail items
  15. Exchange – flagged messages show up in user’s tasks.
  16. BCS – Flagged messages display under “Top Flagged Items”
  17. BCS supports rules to move message to Junk Email, right-click to empty folder
  18. BCS utilizes Access Control Lists for more granular control over folders access instead of Explicit Login
  19. Coming in next releae
  20. Exchange only returns the first 100 results in a search
  21. Both Exchange and BCS use a browser overlay for reminders
  22. BCS allows you to select plain text or HTML emails, signatures and auto-save messages
  23. BCS allows you to select the default view (day, week, month)
  24. In BCS, Out of Office is set in the IntelliMail Webclient or through user’s login of IntelliPanel and through the connector in Outlook.
  25. BCS passwords can be changed in IntelliMail and IntelliPanel to give Administrator better control
  26. BCS will support viewing XML documents in WebClient in a future release.
  27. Exchange 2007 does not support folder sharing. Exchange 2010 requires additional steps to share folders. BCS is simple and identical to the process used in Outlook
  28. BCS with Outlook Connector supports colored categories. BCS IntelliMail WebClient supports categories for Events only. For all others category settings are preserved
  29. BCS currently does not display calendar side by side. This feature is in a future release
  30. Exchange 2007 cannot display Calendar side by side