The Bynari AddressBook plug-in for Microsoft Outlook gives users the ability to search their LDAP directory from within Outlook.

MS Office 2013: AddressBook is compatible with Office 13.

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The AddressBook uses the same interface as Outlook's address book, so end-users are unaware that they are using a separate piece of software.
The Bynari AddressBook gives end-users the power of querying their LDAP database and it returns those results in a user-friendly Global Address List display, similar to Microsoft Exchange. The AddressBook can display users, groups, mailing lists, or any organizational unit.
With a fully customizable "ObjectClass" filters, the Bynari AddressBook is ready to be deployed into just about any LDAP environment - from Microsoft ActiveDirectory to OpenLDAP.
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  • Customizable ObjectClass Filters
  • Customizable "schemas.xml" File For Mass Deployment
  • Basic/Advanced Search Capabilities
  • Transparent Outlook Experience
  • Local Cache - Provides Better Performance and Offline Support
  • Seamless Outlook Integration
  • Terminal Services*
  • Support for Outlook 2003-2010
    (full 32/64 bit support)

Supported Servers:

  • Microsoft ActiveDirectory®
  • OpenLDAP
  • Kolab LDAP
  • Bynari Server (BCS)
  • Univention Corporate Server (UCS)
  • Nexus neonInsight Server

There are no refunds for this or any other Bynari products. We offer a free trial period for all our products to allow ample time for testing and deciding if the product meets your needs.


Price: $9.95

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