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Bynari's BCS now with CalDAV support                                                    

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BCS provides a complete groupware and messaging package. BCS' architecture comprises:

Advanced Groupware EngineCalDAV support for native compatibility with Mac clients, Thunderbird, Evolution, etc. Mobility Support for ActiveSync Clients. IntelliMail Groupware Webmail. Bynari Outlook Connector Professional*. Bynari AddressBook. IntelliPanel Admin Interface. Full 32/64 bit support. Supports Outlook 2003-2013.

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IntelliSuite Standalone for Kolab:  includes the IntelliPanel Admin GUI and the IntelliMail Webmail for Kolab 2.3.4 Servers. These applications can be purchased jointly or separately. Please contact us for more details.

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 What is BCS?

 The Most Advanced Collaboration and Groupware Technology Available Today

 Bynari Collaboration Suite (BCS) is a comprehensive email and collaboration solution that combines proven open source and proprietary components in a single powerful collaboration platform. BCS is a cost effective, flexible, and highly scalable groupware solution for SMB, corporations, and service providers designed to replace existing overpriced and overly sophisticated solutions from other vendors.

Built with the most advanced collaboration and groupware technology available today, BCS delivers a powerful and secure collaboration environment that boosts individual and team productivity while significantly reducing total cost of ownership. For end users, BCS also offers a multitude of other great advantages such as advanced compatibility, anywhere access, and extreme ease of use.

BCS integrates an award-winning open-source groupware server, a powerful AJAX WebClient and Admin Panel, an advanced AddressBook, mobility support, and Bynari’s leading Outlook Connector for seamless sharing and calendaring with Outlook client. Tight integration with Outlook allows BCS to serve as a cost-efficient, truly native Microsoft Exchange alternative for businesses and service providers seeking an affordable groupware solution with the ability to use Outlook groupware functionality.

Main Features:

Reliable and Cost Efficient Built with proven open source and proprietary components, BCS offers a highly reliable collaboration platform with unparalleled scalability, interoperability, and flexibility. With BCS, customers looking for an alternative to legacy software can achieve significant cost savings while allowing for network stability. Easy to Install and Use Installing BCS takes less than five minutes with minimal configuration. An easy to use admin interface makes BCS extremely intuitive and user-friendly so it can be mastered by users with any level of expertise. The Bynari WebClient interface resembles Microsoft Outlook, which highly reduces the learning curve for end users.
Simple Migration Easily and transparently migrate all your existing data including LDAP directory information, mailboxes, and user configurations from Microsoft Exchange server and other 3rd party IMAP servers to BCS using a Bynari migration tool. Native Microsoft format, iCal, vCard, and Kolab formats are supported. Security BCS integrates powerful anti-virus, anti-spam, and filtering security functions to provide the most secure email and collaboration environment available with features like enhanced email traffic scanning, information leaks prevention, bulk mail protection, and many others.
Enhanced Management Easily configure and manage your server via a web interface with the powerful, intuitive, and feature-rich Bynari IntelliPanelTM control panel. With IntelliPanelTM, performing essential tasks is both quick and easy, which greatly improves productivity. Advanced users still have the ability to use command-line interface to manage BCS. Anywhere Access and Mobility With Bynari Groupware WebClient, access to your email, contacts, tasks, and calendar is only a click away through the use of any web browser and an Internet connection. You can also sync your data over the air with a variety of mobile devices including Blackberry (requires a plug-in), iPhone, Windows Mobile, Android, and other devices.
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