Powered by BynariCloud®, hosted BCS gives you the MS Exchange® features you’re accustomed to without MS Exchange’s® prices.

Hosted BCS is another way to take advantage of all the great features of the Bynari Collaboration Suite without having to host and manage it daily.

You can join the many companies that have moved to our cloud and tasked us with the daily running and management of their messaging needs.

Unlike hosted MS Exchange®, the price we quote you doesn’t triple by the time you add everyday necessary features that are standard in BCS.

To keep our prices very simple and straightforward, we’ve adopted the same pricing model and policies as Google Apps® even though hosted BCS offers many more groupware & collaboration features and is much superior to Google Apps®’ offerings.

Bynari is not in the business of mining and monetizing your private data as our competitors do.

Bynari charges up to 75% less than Google® or Microsoft® to migrate your data to BCS from your current server.

We also offer you the same cost, assistance and priority if you decide to stop using our services and move your data to another solution.

Hosted BCS includes: Award winning MAPI Outlook Connector, AddressBook, Ajax Web2.0 Webclient, Admin Interface, WebDAV for native support of Mac clients, Thunderbird and Evolution, and Synchronization with ActiveSync.


BCS Business: $5/user/month or $50/user/year

BCS Business Plus: $9/user/month or $90/user/year  (Includes Archiving for E-discovery and File Sharing)

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